More. That says it all. The word does not need to be written all in CAPS, italicized, underlined or bolded.  Once uttered, it can stand alone.  We wanted more, one more time, one more day, one more hour, hell, I would give anything for one more minute.  I have rehearsed it over and over, what I would do with one more minute. Oh how I would make every second of that minute count. More.  But………..what I can have, is more time with friends, time for more memories and of course, always, laughter.

More. Won’t you join us for the Wayne Cederholm II Memorial Golf Tournament.  One more time to come together, to share the “Wayne-isms”, laugh and just imagine “what he would have said or done.” And you will be doing so much more. We have teamed up with Junior Achievement to continue the work that Wayne felt was so valuable.

Together, we will be playing to create the opportunity to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in our Global Economy. All proceeds from the tournament will go directly to Junior Achievement to provide classroom education.  FUN and MORE.  I can’t wait to see you.

Click Here to Register for the The Wayne Cederholm II Memorial Golf Tournament


The Stories We Will Tell…

Wayne Cederholm II loved to tell stories. Stories of adventure, humor, and accomplishment. Many of you spent your lives enjoying these very moments with him.

What we found through the stories on this blog and when friends expressed their condolences, is that there were many many more stories to be told.

We’d like to thank all of you that have shared thus far. If anyone has a story to share, post it here for the benefit of his grandchildren. We hope that they might get know a little bit more about the man who impacted so many people.

This is the place to share. This is where we will create a new chapter of … The Stories We Will Tell-