“Good reads” by Peeches

Mystery, “chimeras”.  After reading other books written by author Camilla Lackberg, I stumbled across this one, imagine my surprise.  I want to share this “who-done-it”, even though we knew right away who did it. Still, a quick and easy read, it makes for interesting reading and a story line that will undoubtably be used many times to come.  Happy reading!photoYou may recall that on day +100 post transplant (he is now +day 192) Wayne had 100% chimerism.

“Spoonfuls”- definition

1. as much as a spoon can hold.
2. a small quantity
 To put in perspective the additional nutritional supplementation Wayne has started receiving, it might be helpful to understand just how much he is getting.  Because Wayne developed a nose bleed after the tube was placed, which lasted 16 hours, we had to hold off another day before starting the feeding solution.  Instead, Wayne was given 2 additional units of platelets to help increase his blood clotting. The feeding has started!  He is currently receiving 15ml per hour, for those of us who like a visual reference, this is equal to 1 tablespoon every hour.  There is roughly 1 calorie per ml.  So after 24 hours he will receive the equivalence of a small water bottle or 360 calories.  Hardly enough to get fat on! The plan is to increase the amount by 5cc’s every 12 hours, soon he will be up to 20cc’s.  And after tomorrow he will be up to 30 cc’s every hour….et cetera, et cetera. The goal is for Wayne to get 2,000 calories a day from the supplement.
  How come so slow?  We start out slow to give his GI tract a chance to get used to the volume and to make sure that this does not stimulate his GVHD. It is also the reason we have to give him a little all the time, rather than giving him a larger volume less frequently (for example 100 ml’s 3 times a day).  So far, so good!  A lot of small things add up to more that anyone can hold.