“Milestone development” – starting at the beginning

Most of us know what developmental milestones are, especially if we’ve had children in our lives. Developmental milestones are used to measure how an infant is progressing, developing and using skills to reach the goal of “independence” to be able to sustain and care for one-self. “How does this pertain to Wayne?”  For a person who has lost muscle, muscle control, and strength, you start at the beginning, as if you were an infant. It is important to determine what a person can do, in order to help them begin to gain their independence. Luckily, Wayne knows what he has to do, and understands what what happens when he can make movement possible, now it is just developing, and strengthening muscles to just be able to do it.  All Wayne’s efforts are now aimed at gaining those skills. For example, Wayne is working on being able to “sit” on his own. Oh, I hear you out there, “what can be so hard about sitting around?” First of all you have to be able to pull yourself to a sitting position (Wayne is not quite there yet), then you have to sustain yourself in that position without falling from one side or the other. Do you know how hard this can be without your “core” muscles, no easy feat!!  Just like an infant that hasn’t developed important trunk control, you must position Wayne so he does’t slid out of the chair. He has a lot of ” growing up” to do. And just like proud parents, we will be beaming as he reaches each milestone.

14 thoughts on ““Milestone development” – starting at the beginning

  1. Beaming and applauding for sure – the cheering section has just gotten louder – keep on keeping on, Wayne!! Your mental strength will carry through to your physical strength and then watch out!! Lots of love, prayers and cheers!! Kathy and Chris

    • Those cheers have gotten so loud, he can hear them without his hearing aides. We look forward to the day, when because of all the support he has had, he walks out and personally thanks his cheering and praying sections. We are so grateful. Sending much love, Wayne and Peeches

  2. Hello,

    I have to refer to a song today, it’s a little country tune that a band I was in did, called Keep-a-Goin’. when i read todays blog, it popped right in my head.

    Well, if you strike a thorn or rose, Keep-aGoin’!
    And if it hails or if it snows, Keep-a-Goin’!
    Ain’t no use to sit an’ whine ’cause the fish aint on your line
    bait your hook and keep on tryin’, Keep-a-Goin’

    If you’re up against the wall, Keep-a-Goin’
    Swallow hard and sit up tall, Keep-a-Goin’
    If the skys look dark and gray,
    You’ll show the world you’ll be okay
    and don’t forget to pray. Keep-a-Goin’!

    You’re both an inspiration! All my love and prayers!

    • How appropriate! It is amazing how a song can sum up so much.
      Who would think swallowing could be so hard, or how hard it would be to sit up tall, but he is working to do it. You keep up the prayers and he will “Keep-a-Goin’ and he will be ok.

  3. Sitting is hard when you feel like a jelly fish. It will come! Every 5 minutes is that much more than yesterday. It is hard work, but you have both come so far. Bill and my dad both had problems being patience with the weakness and they both would get very depressed. Attitude is the most powerful thing you have and it some times is the hardest thing to keep up. Having been there, I still worry about you, and hope that you are taking time to keep yourself well. (even though we have never met, I still worry) Eating and resting are important! Being the caretaker is SO HARD, and I know you never want to leave. It is also good to know that Wayne won’t remember all of this and how hard it has been, the mind keeps it in that fog and just lets him forget. BUT sad for the care taker, your mind seems to remember very second. Know that Prayers are still coming!

    • having been a caregiver yourself, we have formed a “sisterhood.” It is amazing how you can get to the bottom of what is happening. It is SO hard to be patient, that is what I HAVE TO work at. It is a blessing knowing that his mind will forget this, it is not something you would really ever want to think about again. Your words always bring me comfort. Thank you so much, and of course who doesn’t need prayers, they are amazing.

  4. Just glad to hear about Wayne and his improvements. Keep up the good work. We are thinking of you and hope you are feeling our positive fibes.

    Mark and Jacque

    • You will never believe how comforting the motion of your “good vibrations” is to us. Let’s hope we are soon “boogieing” out of here.
      Rock on, Wayne and Peeches

  5. Wayne & Peeches
    Peeches, do you read the blog comments to Wayne or does he read them himself ? ? ? If it is you that reads them to him would you please make sure to read this one to him. Many years ago, in our tennis days (ha ha), our little group went around to various courts to play. We were at one particular court near the U. of U. and our tennis balls somehow ended up going out of the court onto a nearby lawn. Not sure how this happened as we were all so good back then ! ! ! Anyway, there was this narrow opening between the fence posts as a way to retrieve the balls. It was extremely narrow and I made the comment that we couldn’t go through there to get the balls. Well, your husband said “Come on Knut, you can get through there” and in an instant I must have become that guy on the Fantastic Four who can contort his shape into whatever form it needs to be. I was able to do that because Wayne shoved me through there ! ! ! Sounds like Wayne is needing some shoving in his rehab so guess what . . . I am going to return the favor. We all need to “shove” Wayne on his continued road to recovery. I know we can do it because I have seen it done ! ! ! Thinking of both of you constantly.

    Love, Bill & Pauline

    • Bill, this is one opening he definitely needs some shoving through. If you keep pushing, with his contorted shape he will pull through. Thanks for being in his court, he is lucky to have such great friends. Wayne and Peeches

  6. Hooray Knut You remind him how strong he was to tell us we could do something. I can hear him now “Oh you think so huh” Well let me tell you something “. In an instant Wayne will get a shove On his continue road to recovery from me. Come on Wayne you can get through this. I’m working on an article on A story about the beginning of Easter eggs. It seems the egg Was used to represent, celebrate the beginning & rebirth of life. Just as your journey Is giving you a new beginning & a rebirth on a healthy life. Stay strong love Melanie

    • I think you have given him a shove in the right direction. Now if he continues to be a “good egg,” what a great way to celebrate the Easter season.

  7. We’re rooting for you, Wayne! As the most gifted dancer in our group (not saying much, but still), you must take the lead the first chance you get to prance, whirl, twist, and twirl then shuffle-back, one-step, two (repeat) and shoo-be-do-be do dance.

    • Of course you are the only ones who really know just how much practice he will be doing to really to step out. Fortunately, he is not adverse to taking instruction. What if, for our group, we just march out the door, I think it would work well. Just think, won’t it be grand fun when we can all hit the dance floor and strut our stuff!

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