“In holding pattern – Permission to land please”

It looks like a move is in the works.  A move, after all this time (today is day #97) should be a good thing. Of course this is all dependent on his remaining stable, it only takes a couple of days of stability and the hospital will need to move Wayne. As you know we have been staying in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, which is staffed and managed similar to an ICU. Now that Wayne is showing signs of stability he no longer needs that level of care, this is a good thing, a very good thing. Now we are waiting for clearance from the control tower  to make a landing.

12 thoughts on ““In holding pattern – Permission to land please”

    • Oh….the sacrifices you will make….all on his behalf. But I don’t doubt that you would be there, his constant companion.

  1. Great News! You can have a Easter Party in his new room! Wait those rooms only hold 2 people at a time but they do have a cot for you to sleep on. They also have a meeting room you can borrow for the Party! Jell-o shots all around!

  2. Great news! I hope this move gets him closer to the front door. We need to get him home soon. Keep up the good work Wayne and Peeches. Finally the sun is starting to shine on you two. Happy Easter.

    Jacque and Mark

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