“First day at school”

Do remember that first day of junior high?  Well, I can……and I am reliving it all over.  Here were some of the things I remember most of us worried about:                                                                                                                                                                             ♦ Will I have friends? We are leaving lots of people who have become friends and a kind of family. It will be hard to start all over, but with Wayne leading the way he should soon have them eating out of his hand.                                                               ♦ What will the teachers be like?  In this case, what will the doctors be like?  Humm…..                                                                                                                         ♦ How hard will the schoolwork be?  The work to get stronger will absolutely be hard, but if Wayne keeps his nose to the grindstone it will be worth it.                                    ♦ Will I find my way to my classes?  Now I worry if I will be able to find my way around and to locate all the things we’ll need?  I had it down pat at Huntsman, so much so that the staff would ask me where places and things were located.                              ♦ And then the was the question of “new romance? Wayne will not have to worry about that one. Wayne started flirting with his sweetheart when he was in the 7th grade and she will be by his side.                                                                                             Oh well, we all know junior high was just a preparation for the big stuff…..High school.  Once they prepare him at Promise he will head off to the big school of “rehabilitation” and the chance of graduating to home.  We are looking for history to repeat itself.  After all, It didn’t take long for that “little husky boy,” Wayne to make the best of a new situation.  By the time he was in the 9th grade he was class president. It won’t be long before he’ll be calling the shots.

7 thoughts on ““First day at school”

  1. I’ll support him and vote for him, and right next to him his incredible First Lady. Don’t forget, I am a middle school teacher, so if you need tutoring or guidance…..
    (even though you two are the type teachers go to) my schedule is open.

    prayers and love,

  2. Love you Wayne and Peeches. Please call me for any help. Would be happy to help with exercises and who knows, I could tone up and be buff even at my age. Wow!!!


  3. Just like junior high, this is more than a move, it’s a springboard towards the future. Keep up the great work Wayne and Happy Easter!
    Former Official Easter Bunny, remember?
    Chris (and Kathy)

  4. Hi Wayne & Peeches
    Wayne, even though you might have “Scott Chapman” legs now, it won’t be long before we have your legs looking like that great grade school picture ! ! ! We are all here for you buddy . . . . you put in the work and we’ll put in the work to make it so.
    Love you both

    Bill & Pauline

  5. Wayne & Peeches,
    Glad to hear that you are moving on to PT; and last I heard it was LDS.
    Ryan was there and they were fantastic. We watched him go from absolutely no ability to walk and no strength and all the way to recovery! They worked him hard enough to wear him out, but it did some positive things!
    You will hate every minute of it (while you’re doing it) and love every minute of it (after)!
    Knowing you; you will be telling them, in no time, that they need to work harder.
    Remember – Never Never Never give up; it is worth the fight!

    Thinking and praying for you guys.

  6. Change is a great motivator. I use to tell our orthodontic patients, “pain is progress”. You will do great. Many prayers each day.

    L & J

  7. Junior high was fun that is when boys started to realize what was growing on the girlies! Wayne you got to get your strength back so you can start noticing these things! With you moving I would volunteer to help you notice Gods greatest creations in life. Have Peeches call me when it’s ok for me to relieve her for a few hours! We were down in St. George this Easter weekend and it’s sure quiet without you two. I look forward to the day we can go down south together for a relaxing weekend. We did check on your home and noticed your friends behind your home have moved out, that should make you Happy! Peeches thanks for keeping all of us informed you truly are a saint.
    Your buddies,
    Mark & Jacque

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