“Cocktail time” – a sign things are normalizing

I know many of you out there who have first hand knowledge and are well versed in what that means. Yes, he is back to having his “metamucil cocktail”.…he must be improving.  He used to take it to help him “go” this time he is taking so he doesn’t “go” so much. Whatever, it is amazing but it just like comfort food.

4 thoughts on ““Cocktail time” – a sign things are normalizing

  1. I read through these on occasion and I am amazed by the strength all of you have from physical, mental, and spiritual. What an amazing strong family you are. Keep the fight and Wayne, just get better man! We need you back at the offfice. Talk to you next week.

  2. So glad to hear he is up for a cocktail. Cheers to you Wayne. Glad you’re doing better, we wish you well and thinking of you always love Melanie & Aunt Bobby

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