“YOU DID IT, I Thank you with every breath that Wayne takes”

What an amazing army he has!!!!! You are the very best!!!!!  Thanks to your help, Wayne is now able to do the work of breathing without mechanical assistance.  He still needs to have lots of oxygen, but he can take his own breaths!  Yesterday, with the aide of CT (to avoid puncturing the lung) they were able to pull out 650cc of fluid from his right lung.  What exactly caused the pneumonia is still unknown, we are waiting for lab results to come back, but he is stable.  His question after they completed the procedure “did they get it all, am I out of the woods?”  To which I reply, You are doing a great job Wayne, with the help of your army, the march is on.” We know he is not quite  “out of the woods” but he is on the path. You’ve got him covered, thank you, thank you – Now…. take a deep breath.

22 thoughts on ““YOU DID IT, I Thank you with every breath that Wayne takes”

  1. This is fantastic news!!! The Guido House was hoping, praying, and sending positive thoughts your way all day and night. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.

  2. We are with you! Could not feel closer to you if we were standing by your side. Praying, praying, praying, Lifting the roof off the house with prayer. Dear God reach down and touch our friend Wayne and restore his health. Provide the doctors with wisdom and skill and Wayne with courage and strength. Provide Peeches with encouragement and peace and surround her and her family with love. We love them all so much. Craig & Lisa

    • Did we land in Kansas? The roof really did lift off, thanks to all your prayers, We are surrounded by your love and are basking in all wonder it gives. We are lucky to have the “Truman Force” on our side!

  3. We are so happy for the good news and hope he will take the next step to recovery soon. He is the most determinded person I know and with the help of Family, Friends, Medical Staff and faith he will beat this.

  4. Wayne/Peeches

    Sooooooo glad to hear of this great news, we need a lot of positive days now ! ! ! As always, you two are constantly in our thoughts/prayers. We need our buddy back ! ! ! Peeches, you are one amazing woman, you never cease to amaze me with all that you do/deal with. Please let us know if you need anything.

    Love, Bill & Pauline

    • We are counting on the positive days now!!!! 2 in a row is a good start.
      Having your friendship and support is what gets us through.

      Looking forward to lots of happy times,
      Wayne and Peeches

  5. Was never so happy this morning to read your blogg, give Wayne and yourself our love. Good news. You two are the strongest couple I know. I am lost for words, you know we are flighting for you two.
    God, does answer prayers.

    God bless,
    Mark and Jacque

  6. Yea, yea!!! Oh happy day!!!!! But we will not give up or lessen our hope and prayers. We want our Wayne back strong as ever and as soon as possible, so we will continue to pray, pray and pray some more. My love to you both. Renee

  7. Wayne, we gain our strength from you, your loving wife, and your children. Thank you for continuing to pull us along. Each step you take forward we follow. One day soon you will turn around and literally see us. Forgive the amazing stares on our faces.
    Chris and Kathy

    • No wonder we are able to go forward, having you behind us, pushing us all the way, we will surely be able to cross the finish line.

  8. Wayne and Peeches – As a family we are exercising all our faith and prayers on your behalf. It was great to hear some good news! We hope today brings more good news!

  9. Wayne & Peeches & your Family: It is exciting to hear some good news. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Healing energy is on its way.

    • It is so exciting to have GOOD NEWS for a change. And your healing energy has made it south – thanks a bunch Karen and Craig. Yes indeed, it has arrived.

  10. Thank God we are so relieved. Good job Wayne for your fight and Peeches for staying strong and supportive in the face of fear. Your journey has been long, one that we can only look from the outside in to measure the pain and fear you must feel. We want you to know we think of you everyday. Mom is really worried she sends you her very best. Love Melanie

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