Calling all soldiers to arms – HELP!!!!!!!!!

I know that you have all been working for Wayne’s benefit.  I am asking for overtime.  Wayne needs a little help –no Wayne needs a lot of help.  Could you please say an extra prayer, send more positive thoughts and well wishes.  He has developed pneumonia, which the physicians are treating like SARS (No lesson today).  We are watching carefully, from the ICU, to be sure that his assisted breathing can hold out until the antibiotics can really do the job.  In the meantime, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, BEG, BEG whatever. PLEASE, oh DEAR GOD PLEASE!!!!!! 

33 thoughts on “Calling all soldiers to arms – HELP!!!!!!!!!

  1. All prayers coming now and strong. Bless you both of what the travel you have had!!! He is strong and a fighter and he will beat this too!!!!! love yall

  2. We know Wayne is a fighter. With his and your strength combined with all our fervent prayers, he will get through this. We love you all. Jackie and Gordon

    • Gordon, I am just hoping he has his directions mixed up, he never has been good at directions.
      Circling around, much love, Wayne and Peeches

      • At least he has started to turn around and head back in the right direction (Memories of Nashville). We won’t let up on the prayers. Peeches you are amazing to remember that halarious event during such difficult times. Jackie and I love you both!!!

  3. You are constantly on our minds and in our prayers. We love and appreciate your friendship more than you will ever know. Give Wayne a kiss on the cheek for us and tell him we love him and are praying for him. He can do this!

    • I gave him a couple of kisses, it’s been a long time since he has seen you. We are looking forward to the day when you can actually give him a kiss yourself.

  4. Our prayers are with you and Wayne as always. We are so sorry for all of the pain and suffering that you both are enduring. I think that your suffering is at least as much as Wayne’s is, Peeches. Hold on.

  5. EXTRA EXTRA STRONG prayers coming Wayne’s way. I continue to have faith that Wayne will beat this for the long term. He is strong, determined (stubborn!), and has you Peeches as his biggest supporter! You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, daily.

  6. Many prayers coming your way. You two have certainly been put to the test during this whole ordeal. With Wayne’s strength and determination and with you, Peeches, by his side, and with the hope, prayers and cheering from countless friends, Wayne will pull through this battle.
    Love to both,

    • For sure, he is not battling this without all your help. He is looking forward to the day when he will be able to call a truce.

  7. Pray we will. We are thinking of you and Wayne everyday, May our positive thoughts and love come your way. Tell Wayne to fight, we know he can make it through this. What ever we can do to help you personally, let us know, we are here for you two.
    Mark and Jacque

    • In spite of his being hard of hearing, he seems to be hearing the FIGHT song, we appreciate your cheering him on –
      Much love,
      Wayne and Peeches

  8. Wayne and Peeches,

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We know Wayne can beat this even though its been a long battle.
    Kim and Diane

  9. Oh Wayne please keep fighting I know u can do it. Our thoughts, prayers,dreams of the future are all overwhelming in our hearts for you. You are my best cousin,childhood memories & Someone i have always thought the world of. I wish you all the prays of love and everything good. Love u tons Melanie

    • Let’s hope that he won’t have a single memory about this time. He is working really hard to be able to make lots more happy memories.

  10. You take my strength, I’ll say a couple extra prayers tonight and take my class to the church and we’ll say some more in the a.m. and light a candle. love to you and wayne.


  11. You know are thoughts and prayers are all with Wayne, yourself and your family! What an ordeal you are going through. Let us know what else we can do, because our prayers are a given, everyday!

    Love you guys, Phil and Linda

    • Your thoughts and prayers are what we need the most. I don’t think we could have made it this far without your help. We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, we just need some of those big lights Dave Free had at Cherry Hill. Those times, warm the heart as does our friendship with your family. Looking forward to the days of “We are having fun” Much love, Wayne and Peeches

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