“Will the real Mrs. Cederholm please stand up” – Steroids

“Whoa, whoa there,  you shouldn’t be giving Wayne 95mg of prednisone.” (Prednisone is the name of the steroid he is taking). “Well Mrs. Cederholm,”  the pharmacy tech starts out. I am looking around forthe”  Mrs. Cederholm, oh oops, I realize that he is talking to me, Mrs. Cederholm.  After 35 years of being “Peeches Cederholm”,  I still cannot believe I am old enough to be “the”  Mrs. Cederholm.  The pharmacy tech goes on to explain that the oral and IV forms of the steroid prednisone are not equal, it is not a 1:1 IV to oral dose ratio.  The IV dose is much stronger, quicker to be absorbed, ……..yada, yada, yada, so you do not need as much. “Holy cow” that would mean that when we started him on the steroids, if had he been taking an oral dose, he would have been taking 175mg. every day. Yikes!! hummmmmmm…………Isn’t it nice he has been tapered down – THANK GOODNESS!!!!   And nice little pharmacy tech offers offer the astonished old Mrs. Cederholm a seat.

8 thoughts on ““Will the real Mrs. Cederholm please stand up” – Steroids

    • We are moving forward, slow but seems to be sure. How is all your way. We have been praying for Phil and hope all is well. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery and lots of love. Wayne and Peeches

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