“So what is going on with the transplant”

The 100 days result still applies, the transplant is a success.  Now, if he can just work out the kinks of having the transplant.  So, with all that has happened, how is the bone marrow doing? At this point in time the effects of the sepsis on the bone marrow are waning. Sepsis affects the entire body and the bone marrow is no exception. When a person develops sepsis, there is a destruction, repression, slow-down of blood cell production and overburdening of the bone marrow, not a good thing for an already repressed, slowed-down, overburdened, and new bone marrow. We are watching his numbers and it looks like the bone marrow is slowly recovering. It will be awhile before it is really revved up, so, until then he will still need transfusions.  Also, he has to have a hematocrit above 27 and platelets above 30,000 to have an ECP treatment.  The ECP treatments “eat up” or destroy some of the platelets (a certain type of blood cell).  It will take some time until Wayne’s bone marrow is robust enough for adequate blood cell production.  In addition, he is still hemolyzing, red blood cells are being destroyed, reason is yet to be determined, but until this resolves he will need transfusions. He just happens to be at the place where they have a bunch of blood.  

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  1. Because my dad had lukemia I donate blood regularly but I think it is time I should go do that again! It only takes a few minutes for blood and only an hour and a half for platelets. I don’t weigh enough to donate platelets but 1 unit of blood helps up to 6 to 8 people. Let’s get in line everyone!

          • Oh that would REALLY be something…. mercy.
            Even so, you really never know, it could end up down here. Thank goodness for all you generous souls, it is truly “life” for many.

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