“Septic -tanked”

Looks like the Wayne is flushing his sepsis out of his system……….BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!!! Thank you all for answering the call to arms, all those arms together, formed the chain that held him back from any going down the tank with the Sepsis. For some of us from the “old school” there was an unspoken superstition that just saying that horrible word, sepsis, could bring down the wrath, and so you held off for as long as possible before labeling the patient septic for it didn’t bode well for the patient.  Modern medicine, divine intervention (lots friends) and the strong will of a man, overruled. Whew!!!!

Sepsis is a condition caused by a response to severe infection.  It is the chemicals released into the blood to fight the infection that trigger a whole-body inflammatory state. This inflammatory response, known as SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) was triggered by chemicals that Wayne’s body produced to react to the undesirable bacteria that entered Wayne’s blood stream, most likely from Wayne’s bowel which was not working. For healthy people, bacteria in the bowel aides in digestion of food. For those person’s whose bowel no longer works and they are not able to absorb anything, and especially if the person is immunocompromised, the bacteria that is there normally can “spill” or “get into” the blood. There is major organ compromise, kidney and liver dysfunction, issues with vital signs, etc., etc., etc.,  Many patients with sepsis develop, septic shock, fortunately, thankfully, Wayne did not have to deal with this. So you are asking, “How can this happen to a person whose immune system does not work, is the body fighting the infection?” No, the body is responding to the infection.  This is more information than anyone wants to know about sepsis, as for me I am just happy to flush this memory away.

4 thoughts on ““Septic -tanked”

  1. Wayne & Peeches

    As someone who has known Wayne for many, many years I know how capable he is of flushing things out of his system. In this case I am very happy to hear he is handling this latest situation in the same way ! ! ! I won’t make much light of this as I know that is a very serious condition and I am glad he is able to respond in such a manner. You know we are thinking of both of you constantly and are sending nothing but positive wishes your way.

    Love, Bill & Pauline

    • Man Bill, you could write a book on the escapades revolving around flushing Wayne’s symptoms. Yes, you have been a good friendI I am sure there are still chapters to be written on this subject and let’s hope they are worth a good laugh. We so appreciate the positive energy you send, it’s the stuff that help him make it through the days.
      Looking forward to getting these crappy days behind us for fun with our good friends,
      Wayne and Peeches

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