Respite /ˈrespət/ Noun – a short period of rest of relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Wayne had a nice respite from his diarrhea yesterday, NOTHING during the night.  Total volume only 500cc’s.  Whew!!! Something was going his way yesterday.  This could be a real break. What this seems to mean is, it seems he is responding to the regime that he is getting for his cGvHD, and he could get a long respite.

14 thoughts on “Respite

  1. That is the most positive news in a while. Let’s hope and pray that things have turned around and we are on an uphill. Love and prayers to you both.


    • Indeed good news. It may be a long hill, but we were thinking of taking up climbing after this, should have started with Donut Falls rather than Mt. Everest. Oh well, he always sets lofty goals. Love you, Wayne and Peeches

  2. We will keep praying for the LONG overdue LONG respite…let peace flow like a river…. moving upstream!!
    Chris and Kathy

    • Just thinking about that river of peace is such nice imagery, I will hold on to it. Soon we will be floating by our friends. Much love, Wayne and Peeches

  3. way to go Wayne, Stay strong my friend! That goes for you and the boys too, Peeches. I’ll keep the prayers going and at the ready.


  4. Wayne – You’re doing a tremendous job! Keep on keeping on! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers every day.

  5. I don’t know what to say. Peeches, keep the updates coming. I don’t respond very often but I do read them. Wayne, our family’s prayers are with you. Stay strong and positive. I hope you get through this most recent setback. Glad you had a “Day of Rest”, if that possible in your condition. Keep your chin up and your boots on.


    • Maybe, his chin up but right now the boots have to stay at the foot of the bed, can’t get them on just yet. I am worried that once he gets those boots on he is going to be kicking butt and YOU KNOW he is taking names. Peeches

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