“Progression” Diet

Wayne has now progressed to a “progression diet”.  This is a 5-stage eating plan, designed to build up your tolerance to eating solid foods again after severe bouts of diarrhea.  Stage one included cream of wheat and diced peaches. He was able to tolerate this with no signs of trouble – YIPEE!!  Another 24 hours and he can go to stage 2, bananas and toast. There is a 48-72 hour period before moving from step to the next step, and if there is any slipping (dreaded diarrhea) we hold until he can adjust to this step. The third step features foods such as scrambled eggs, crackers, potatoes and bland baked, boiled or broiled turkey and chicken. The fourth step in the progressive diet allows a regular diet without any dairy products.The fifth step in the diet, which is where we were before all the mayhem started, gradually allows introduction of dairy products.

He is progressing on several other fronts.  He has gone 6 days without needing packed red blood cells and 3 days without platelets.  He is now taking some of his medications orally, and he is up walking in the halls and has PT twice a day.                         Progression, PROGRESSION, PROGRESSION!

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  1. Aunt Bobbie & Melanie wish u great progress Hey wayne remember grandpa Cederholm’s favorite songs She’ll be comin around the mountain when she comes…….. Well we will just change that to “he’ll”. Hope we’ll be able to see u soon. Keep Calm and Caring On. Luv ya

    • How funny Mel. Guess what our grandson Luca’s favorite “lullaby” is… “She’ll be coming around the mountain.” He has had to have that sung to him since he first came home from the hospital and it is the only way you can get him to sleep or soothe him. Must be in the genes. Yes siree….he’ll come out to meet you when you come. Much love, Wayne and Peeches

  2. Wow, great progress. Let me know when Wayne is ready for twice baked potatoes. I would be happy to make some for him. The cheese might be too much right now, As soon as he is able. I know that is one of his favorites.

    • Wayne had a big smile thinking of your treat. I am putting you down on the list for food help, it may be awhile…..but don’t be surprised when you get the call.

    • He is thinking of all the fine, all be it, out of the way, dining spots we have yet to visit. You will be in for such a treat, and just think of all the places you have never seen in our fair state. The best burgers, the best steaks, the best lemon drops, the best….hope you are planning on staying awhile.

    • It is great to have such an awesome cheerleading squad. Who can’t win with you on our side. All the best to your crew, love Wayne and Peeches

  3. Well Done Wayne! Stay Strong Peeches! I’ll keep praying and thinking the best.
    Thanks for making my day.


    • Your prayers and Wayne are working at it. After all, it is the class reunion this year, and he isn’t going to miss out on all the fun.
      Hopefully we will get to see you sooner than that, it is always great to hear and better yet to be able to see our good old friends.

      Wayne and Peeches

  4. Keep up the good work!!!!! look forward to seeing you soon. Let me know when and I will bake you some jelly butter cookies

    • Now that put a smile on his face, as soon as he gets the okay, I think he will be calling you up. Much love, Peeches and Wayne

  5. Great news Progression!

    Keep up the good work Wayne. We need you home. Enjoy the food it’s been a long time coming.


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