“Filling up the tank before heading out”

That ought to do it for now.  3 units of platelets, 5 units of packed RBC’s (1 more will be given after his treatment) and he can head over to ECP to catch some rays. Well at least some of his WBC’s will be catching some rays, UV rays, when he has another ECP treatment.  And what do you do while you are catching rays- lay around a bask.  Just the thing for a person who was up every 15 minutes having his vital signs taken – laying around and basking sounds pretty good.

2 thoughts on ““Filling up the tank before heading out”

  1. I was just getting caught up on what is going on in Wayne’s World. I am so very very sorry it is just one thing after another for you guys. I know God hears our prayers and I know He answers according to His will. We will keep praying for healing for Wayne, strength for you Peeches, and knowledge for the Drs and nurses. Let’s get this turned around so complete healing can be done!!! Again I am so very sorry. Can he have visitors?

    Jerry and LInda

  2. Looks like your work has paid off, a much better night. Visitors are restricted to immediate family, but I hope by next week that this is no longer the case. I wish you were coming up to just visit, but maybe after one of your trips up here we can coordinate. WE keep you in our prayers, STAY STRONG!

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