He’s back!  How do I know?  He held his first accountability meeting.  Oh, the staff may have thought they were having medical “rounds” but it was an accountability meeting.  They asked “how was he was doing, and he TOLD them.  And then he asked “How did they think they are doing? Do they know what they are doing?  Do they think it is working? How do they know if it is working? How long will it take to know if it is working? What will they do if it doesn’t work?”,  I think you get the gist.  I would venture a guess that the scorecard showed F’s. I am certain we all will be under his scrutiny, and he’ll be the one to tell us when things meet with his approval. And then, I’m counting on A’s.

14 thoughts on ““Accountability”

  1. I’ve been the recipient of Wayne’s “Accountability” and although it can be a bit rough, he has alway been fair so I expect he treated the doctors the same way. Glad he’s back. Keep the recovery and accountability going!

    • I appreciate that you have thought he was fair, I have always felt that was one of his very best qualities. Now, they just need to do their job and he will work on his end and that should be a fair deal for all.

  2. Keep holding them accountable big guy!!! Let them know who is boss! (Although we all know it is Peeches)
    Lots of love from Texas!!

    • Man Nick, how close you were, but saved yourself in the end. Regardless, he’s not letting them slide. A little hep from the Lone Star state will aide him as he keeps them in line. You guys are the greatest.
      Give loves to those little cuties, Wayne and Peeches

  3. Yea!!!! Our Wayne is coming back!!!! YES – we like ACCOUNTABILITY! Time, faith, prayers (ok, and the doctors and nurses) will bring our Wayne back to us! You continue to be in my prayers.

    • You are so correct, time, faith, prayers and the love of good friends are going to bring him back (and ok the docs and nurses) He is sure to on his way with you on his side. Thanks for all your work, I think it is paying off.

  4. Oh FANTASTIC NEWS!! I can’t wait to get home and tell mom about wayne. She really needs something to cheer her up these days. She is slowing down these days herself. Good ACCOUNTABILITY meeting, keep up the good work.
    Love you Melanie

    • Oh, we are sad to hear Aunt Bobby is struggling, this winter season is so hard. I hope the sun will come out and brighten her spirits. You all do an amazing job with her loving care….the very best. Give her a big hug from Wayne.

  5. Great news! Great word “Accountability”. Our love and prayers are with you and Wayne . We are so happy to hear the good news. Hope he can come home soon. Keep it up Wayne we are cheering you on from the side lines.

    Mark and Jacque

    • What great cheerleaders you have been, with him even when he was having a bad season. Hopefully the coaches new game plan will get him home soon. Can’t wait to be at a game we can all cheer together!
      Love you, Wayne and Peeches

  6. so glad to hear!!!!! Keep them on their toes Wayne like you always did us made us always feel better of the Job we were doing for you!!! stay strong Peeches prayers are still always coming y’alls way!!!

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