“Accountability for All”

One of Wayne’s guiding principles is that all parties involved in reaching or impacting a desired outcome are given responsibilities and all members of the team are held accountable for helping to reach the desired outcome. When Wayne Wayne held his first accountability for the medical team there was a new comer, new to the team, new to the hospital, new to Utah. Of course Huntsman is associated with the University of Utah, which is a teaching hospital, so I was dubious about the role of the new-comer.  What a pleasant surprise! I had a first row seat to watch the dance of 2 male alpha’s in action, each with a disadvantage, one was a new-comer, the other a new-comer to complete physical compromise. On the fourth day of rounds, the new-comer examines Wayne, listens to Wayne conduct his accountability and then…….starts questioning Wayne regarding Wayne’s  ACCOUNTABILITY!  Oh indeed, Wayne is part of the team and he has his own work to do, to reach the desired goal. This is “toe to toe, tit for tat, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” How does Wayne like it – NOT!  He has tried to weasel out of his responsibilities, but we are all on to him. So yes I AM A BIG MEANY.  He has to get up!!! He has to breath into his incentive spirometry!!!!! He has to be able to eat real food!!!!  These are his accountabilities.  Every day, Wayne asks if the doctor thinks we are going to reach the goal and everyday the doctor asks Wayne if he is going to reach his goal.  This is hard work for all, a lot of pressure for all of us to help get to the goal – HOME, lets hope these two guys get there at the same time.                                                                             ……Oh by the way, it is easy to see how this clever new-comer was able to work his way up the ladder, he is the new Chief of Bone Marrow Transplant, a specialist in GvHD, an observant man who knows how to have a patient work right into his hand, I like him, he’s one of the good guys!  TOO bad I didn’t have this experience sooner, who knows what I could of had Wayne do, but I have a feeling that this is a guy thing, and I don’t think I could have it better that I have it now.  So many friends and the love of a good man, what a great life!

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    • Oh Michael, the way he takes his “skirt” off now, I wonder if he thinks this is a nudist hospital. And have you ever seen him dance…..now that I think about, maybe those smooth moves he has were his way of practicing the victory celebration.

  1. oh what a great person to have on y’alls team and it also sounded like you had alittle upbeat time also. Many prayers still heading your way and for the new comer to be able to work miracles!!!!!

    • It is always great to have a fresh perspective, a new set of eyes and better yet another player on the team to get him home. Thanks to all of you on the team, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Lots of work ahead for you both, but you can do it, and you have lots of friends cheering you on! Peeches, thanks so much for the very well written updates. We truly appreciate them.

    • To have you as cheerleaders on our side, aren’t we lucky!!!!! You all make the work worthwhile! And what considerate thanks – I appreciate all your positive energy on our behalf.

  3. Teri – Thanks for the great information. Glad that Wayne is moving forward. Sounds like the Dr. has joined the “prod squad”. A team is definitely what you and Wayne have going. Many Blessngs. Love Karen

    • We are so lucky to have you on our team, it makes all the practice/work to get win and get home worth while. We are counting on a big team rally this summer. Loads of love and gratitude. Wayne and Peeches

  4. Dear Wayne and Peeches,
    I am so impressed with your courage and inner strength you have and are displaying for each other and all who know you .
    There is no greater honor in life than to love , serve and support each other as a loving married couple in life highest and lowest moments .
    I’m so proud to read your blog and see your strength and support you give so freely and at every moment of the day as needed .
    Wayne my friend , I have faith in your ability to fight and concure this horrible sickness . You have never been a quitter and I know you won’t know .
    With all my Beeing I wish you well and I hope and pray that every day ahead of you may be alittle better than before untill they become a lot better.
    God bless u my friend , your in our thoughts and prayers .
    As a side note , when your on your feet kicking but again , lunch is on me , anywhere that’s better than hospital food .
    Bill Richter

    • Bill,

      What a treat to hear from you! Your kind and generous words are so uplifting. Don’t you just feel so lucky to be one of the “few” to know the joy of having a true partner to go through life with – now that is real wealth. Your faith in him, the prayers you offer and your support makes for the best medicine to ensure victory in this fight- thank you so very much!
      He is looking forward to lunch- anywhere. In fact, he thinks lunch at the Granite High cafeteria would be better than hospital food. It will be great to get together with old friends again.

      With much gratitude and real appreciation,
      Wayne and Peeches

  5. Thanks for the updates. Such a struggle for you both. You are such a terrific team and I know that serves you well. Wayne certainly has never been a quitter or a sideline sitter. Prayers as you move towards recovery. Wayne, I still remember wrestling in our parents basements. playing ping pong, building models and our first job cleaning up the Woodland Drive-In. Good times growing up.

    • Rick, a true delight to hear from you. Those were great times, and Wayne thinks he had a childhood filled with great memories and great friends. Your prayers and support really help as he looks forward to great times ahead. All our best and love, Wayne and Peeches

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