…….So now what

You start off slow.                                                                                                                    slow taper off meds – his medication count is down to 18  a day.                                                                                                   slow introduction to dairy (1 tablespoon every 2 days)                                                      slow introduction to fresh fruits and veggies.  He still cannot go out to eat and should avoid take- out.                                                                                                                           slow, slowly, work at gaining back his muscle.  Physical Therapy is now scheduled 3 times a week At least that’s the plan.                                                                                          slow wean off the IV electrolytes and fluids.  Of course, how fast this occurs will depend on how much he can eat and drink (which right now isn’t very much) and how he tolerates the oral supplements.                                                                                                               slow “meet and greet” a few people at a time -still no crowded places, no going shopping (he can’t stop crying about that). No church – not even on Christmas. The same rules, GOOD HANDWASHING, no one who is sick or has been exposed to someone who is ill, and no visiting if you just had a live vaccine.                                                                        He can go outside without a mask –  if the wind isn’t blowing.                                            He can be around our grandchildren – provided they are not sick or have been exposed to someone sick.  I guess they will be about 16 years old before we can get them all together.                                                                             Can he drive?  Only if there were no other cars or people within a two mile radius, I mean the thought of Wayne driving while he still has these tremors would scare you to death.  NO HE CAN NOT YET DRIVE                                                                                               Can he go to work?   Once he is off the IV fluids and he has more control over the tremors he can start back slow.          

These are words Wayne needs to live by for now  “Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.” (William Shakespeare)

4 thoughts on “…….So now what

  1. Patience has never been one of Wayne’s strong virtues!!! In spite of that, he has tenacity and that, along with all of the tlc from Peeches and the support of family and friends, he will overcome all obstacles. Love you guys.


    • I guess it is a good thing that he is soooo tired, it is forcing him to be patient. Now I just have to keep him busy. Fortunately good friends help out – thanks.

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