Oh Happy Day – 100% awesome news

Oh Happy Day                                                                                                                        Oh Happy Day                                                                                                                      Oh happy, happy day                                                                                                      When Wayne heard what was said                                                                                 When the doctor said                                                                                                             The transplant lab report read                                                                                                 The donor cells washed away                                                                                               all the bad                                                                                                                                                                                Oh happy day!                                                                                                                                   You wished him to be ok                                                                                                    And constantly prayed                                                                                                      Night and day                                                                                                                   Night and day                                                                                                                    We’ll never find a way                                                                                                            to truly thank you for this day                                                                                               this happy, happy day!!

100% engraftment in both bone marrow and blood.  Wayne’s bone marrow, yes his new bone marrow is 100% donor. All of his blood cells are identical to the donors.  He has a new lease on life. All of YOUR work, the well wishes, positive thoughts, prayers and love worked!  We will be eternally indebted to all of you!

36 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day – 100% awesome news

  1. Words can not express how happy, thankful, relieved, grateful, etc, etc, etc we are! We love you and look forward to many years of fun together. Keep up the good work Wayne – stronger each and every day!
    Love to all.
    The Truman’s

    • We are going to have lots and lots of fun, you better start planning now! For my part, I will practice handling stemware.
      It’s going to be great,

  2. I am SCREAMING at the TOP of my Lungs and crying Im so happy for BOTH of you for the HAPPY and GREAT news!!!!! Praise the LORD and the good Doctors and excellent nursing Peeches that you have given that very strong great person. Nothing but smiles today!!!!!! Im so Happy Wayne good for you and your wonderful family.

  3. I spent my whole life never worrying about Wayne the least bit. Now things can go back to normal. Quite frankly, this thing has been exhausting.

    Seriously, what a wonderful Christmas gift for your family, your friends, and all who have followed your courageous journey Wayne and Peeches. We are so happy for this news!!!

    Yes, watch out stemware.


    • Now Chris – you have to worry what he has cooked up for you. That should have you losing some precious sleep.

      We wish you were here to celebrate, but the good news is, he will really be ready to party when you come into town. Thank you for all the support you all have given, even though Chris, you questioned it, it is what made the journey worth it. He is really, looking forward to the visit in 2013 – of course he might not admit that.
      Thanks for sharing our joy – you guys are the best. Big hugs and love to the Mayer family.

      Wayne and Peeches

  4. Wayne & Peeches,

    What wonderful news. It gives me goosebumps thinking about all you two have been through. Hope, prayers and wishes do wonders as well as the hard work and determination that has gone into this whole process. I am so happy for you both. Love you guys.

    • We couldn’t have done it without our good friends. Thanks for all your support. Now, just think we could actually hook up in St. George for some fun. Loads of love,
      Wayne and Peeches

  5. Wayne/Peeches

    What fantastic news ! ! ! I know you are beyond giddy with relief/excitement at the same time. There are no words that I can say to express how happy we are to hear of this great report. All I know Wayne is that you are one of the strongest people I know with your strong will and determination (and intestinal fortitude, but we won’t go there ! ! !). And Peeches, you are just amazing and awesome. Thanks for taking such great care of my buddy. To say that this is the greatest Christmas gift ever is an understatement but we are so very, very, happy for you and all of your family.

    Bill & Pauline

    • We are avoiding anything with intestinal – of course none of those kind of troubles would come as much of a surprise to his close friends. We are celebrating an early Christmas. Bringing in the New Year will be a real reason to party. I’m hoping we can do it together!
      Wayne and Peeches

  6. Wayne,

    What a relief to know that you are going to be okay and I look forward to a life time of teasing from you. From the words of Aunt LaRae, that I heard on my shoulder during many tuff times I would here her say “You go girl, you show them”. I think she has been telling you this same thing all the way through this journey. You have shown such great strenghten and endurance. I’m proud of you, you showed us all what great things can happen. Peeches thankyou for all you have done for him. You deserve those diamond earrings.

    • You are right – he starts his day with moms words. You all come from good stock! I will be indebted to you for a long time – diamond earrings well of course.

  7. OH! Sweeties!…Bless your Hearts! Wayne has a good attitude and I do believe along with all the True Love and care from you Peeches and all the prayers and help from Family and Friends, he has a Great Chance to be his Strong Self again.
    God’s Speed!
    Love, Kathy.

    • Our success is only possible with all the help we have had from our friends along the way. Thank you so much for making this easier. Your help is truly appreciated and always given with lots of love. We love you!
      Wayne and Peeches

  8. That is FANTASTIC!!! AWSOME!! WONDERFUL!! And everything else I can imagine!!! Watch out world Wayne is back. Things will be broken, demolished and pulverized!! Wayne stories will continue! Merry Christmas to you and yes it will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Congratulations to you both, you have been through so much.

    • Theresa – only you can realize the true fear I have of Wayne with his tremors, now he really is an accident waiting to happen. I am looking forward to all the times ahead with you guys, we always need new stories. And just think of the fun we will have!! Thank so much – a reason to get together and party!

  9. I never doubted for a minute that Wayne wouldn’t get through this, but it is wonderful to have it medically confirmed!!!!! One can never underestimate the power of faith. Wayne has so many people who love him, have prayed for him, cared for him and helped him progress on this difficult journey and we all look forward to a blessed future. This is the best holiday gift EVER! Peeches, you’re an angel. My love to you both. Renee

    • You are sooo right Wayne – it is because of all you pulling and praying for such a great outcome. It is the best Christmas present, and so glad we got to open it early. It lends a new meaning to “Happy Holidays”. I look forward to the New Year spending it with friends like you Renee, I can hardly wait to see you. Wishing all you girls a magical and happy holidays filled with lots of love. Wayne and Peeches

  10. Such great news! Prayers work! We just knew Wayne would beat this. We love him and look forward to his return. John Freeman

    • Thank you, thank you John for all your work on behalf of Wayne. Good things for many have come from your efforts. He is looking forward to coming back and touching base with you all. He hopes it is soon. Best to you and your family, Wayne and Peeches

  11. We are so very, very happy for you both. Sometimes all the medically induced suffering is really worth it! Get ready for many more happy years!

  12. This is such wonderful news! What a long and difficult journey… your team work and love and faith in God have helped to carry you through. We hope and pray for continued strength as you finish all the treatments and Wayne rebuilds his health. We send our love.

    • WE are sooo blessed. How could we not get good news, we have the England’s on our side and that is a mighty army. Your love and support has helped to make this journey bearable. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Wayne and Peeches

  13. I am beyond words! Linda and I are so, so happy to hear this great news!
    Our love to you both at this exciting time! Congratulations on your long hard road to finally get to this point! Yahoo Baby! Love you guys!

    • It must be something – Phil beyond words, I never knew it could happen. This is exciting, now we need to come up with a date for Cherry Hill. Can’t wait to have fun, love, Wayne and Peeches

  14. What great news! Prayers are answered. We are so happy for you two and your family. What better Christmas present could you ask for.

    St. George here we come!
    Mark and Jacque

    • What a great Christmas it is – a real life time present. Is he lucky or what! We are going to pin them down at the end of this month – too bad with all that luck he still can’t head to Vegas or Mesquite at least. Oh well, it’s best to keep all that good luck for the big things. Love and hugs to you two.

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