..not a Creature was stirring, not even a……

Wayne!   He has taken this ‘not stirring” a bit far,  And yes, “he” does know when you are sleeping, but let’s face it, 3 days of laying around is a bit much!  I mean he doesn’t know when you are awake.  No one does.  Enough is enough!! “I sprang him from bed to see what was the matter. To the emergency room, to hospital we flew.  More rapid than eagles, the doctors they came.  Fluids, blood products, CT scan and more.  The medical team wondered what was to blame.  Anemic, anemic they shouted and swore.”                                                                          Anemic, how can this be, why on Tuesday he had the best labs yet.  The kidneys were working, the blood constantly improving looked good, his electrolytes were in the normal range.  So how,  after a few days could he be so anemic that in the first 24 hours of hospitalization he has been given 6 units of red blood cells?  Good question, and the doctors are running every kind of test to figure out why. The good news is, that he does not appear to be bleeding internally. So just where is all that blood going?  Apparently, like the man in the story, “down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound”.   Wayne’s red blood cells are here one minute and then soon not to be found (this is called hemolysis).  Why, how come, what’s the cause?  The medical team is trying to figure this out.  In the meantime –  I’m waiting for big man in red, he knows everything!!!!!!                                  But I heard Wayne exclaim, in spite of his plight,  “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


8 thoughts on “..not a Creature was stirring, not even a……

  1. Continued thoughts and prayers are being sent your way – on this blessed morning may the gifts the doctors provide, Wayne’s continued determination and the incredible support of Peeches allow his head to rest while his body is restored!! Much love and prayers,
    Chris and Kathy

  2. The gift of your support and love, we are indeed fortunate. Let me just say, “You nailed it girl!” Enjoy this wonderful day, glorious day. Give out sone extra sugar to the Mayer family. Love to all
    Wayne and Peeches

  3. Thinking of you both and sending hugs your way. We continue to pray for Wayne’s complete recovery and give thanks for the progress he has made so far. You both are a blessing in our life…May God continue to provide you with strength, patience and peace. All our love, The Truman’s

  4. Good for you Peeches! I guess you can’t let your guard down. We’re glad you are so aware of what to look for and notice if things aren’t just right – the neck pain & the anemia… We hope things settle down and Wayne continues to get stronger. We wish you boring, uneventful days! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. We send our love,

    • We are looking forward to boring uneventful days. Who knows we might get them yet. Hope you had great family fun this holiday season. We think of your family often and miss our catch-up sessions. May your New Year be filled with all the wonders for great memories. Love, Wayne and Peeches

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