Where’s Waldo?

You know how when you run into someone who has changed, you can be caught off guard, you stammer “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you”.  Below is a brief description to give you a quick heads up and preview:                                                                             General appearance:  Looks like he is wearing hand-me-downs from Shaquille O’Neal Height: 5 feet 8.5 inches –  He has lost an inch, most likely a result of poor nutrition, all the medications put patients at risk for osteoporosis. Hey in my world – he is a giant!      Weight: He is weighing in now as a Welterweight at 152 pounds.  He is up 9 pounds from a month ago. Way to go!! Goal weight per doctors=175, this will be pre-marital weight, which lasted until he said “I-do”                                                                                        Hair: can be detected with close, very close, examination.  Color undeterminable. He does, however, grow face stubble in 2 days and of course, the dreaded nose and ear hair is growing.  Incredible!                                                                                                      Eyes:  When open, bright and shinny and showing signs of the real life.                     Hands: nails are all falling off and show signs of having had a manicure- I am running a spa Sense of humor -FULLY RECOGNIZABLE – Aren’t we lucky!

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