For many of us, today is a day of celebration. The celebration of a great gift, a gift that started out small and spread to others. A gift for mankind. I believe it is the celebration of the first donor. The first documented case of sharing something of yourself, for the good of someone else. Here we are today, because someone was generous enough to give something of himself, a gift of his stem cells, to Wayne. Here we are today, because you all have given your gifts of love, support and prayers,  which have sustained Wayne. These too, are the gifts that make life worth living. Here we are today, to sing your praises. We have been awed by the many, many, many kindness given. This ordeal is made easier with your help and generosity. Thank you for making this journey possible and for being such great traveling companions. YOUR presence is the best present.                                                                                             May your life be filled with never ending gifts given from the heart. Have a Memorable Merry Christmas,                                                                                                            Wayne and  Peeches

2 thoughts on “***Gifts***

  1. We are so anxious to hear how he is doing today. I know that the biggest concern was why the red blood cells seem to be fighting each other. I think that’s what you told us. Anyway, we are now in CA for the next 9 days, but your names keep coming up in our conversations and we are looking forward to a positive prognosis.
    Best wishes to both of you as well as your wonderful family. Dan and Jan

    • You can imagine how frustrated Wayne is now, “what is the plan, what are we doing, why can’t they figure this out,” the questions he is always asking and of course is not satisfied with the answers. I feel sorry for them, there will be a time when he will be taking them to task.
      We are happy you were to be able to go to CA and enjoy the time, after the year you have had it must be wonderful.
      Wishes for a Peaceful, Healthy New Year,
      Wayne and Peeches

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