Pumping Iron

This working out and getting into shape is tough work.                                            According to Wayne – this picture says it allOf course everyone knows  you need to have a spotter when you work out. This being a spotter is tough work.                                                                                               According to Peeches – this picture says it all


10 thoughts on “Pumping Iron

  1. I worked out with weights for years. Sure didn’t have a spotter like that. Would want you to lift more. The health food she was eating worked for her…

  2. I’ll send more cookies to the Spotter if that’s what it takes to keep Mr. Muscles moving’… What an incredible Spotter!…taking so many for the team!!

    • Don’t tell me you didn’t recognize those cookies, made from the recipe you shared. They will be the number one choice for the christmas cookie exchange. Couldn’t have done it without them

    • Thanks for the treat – he had to have one as soon as he saw them. Now if he will just eat a dozen every hour. You are too sweet!!!

  3. Love the pictures depicting your stuggles. I believe I have to side with Peeches on this one! Her picture looks more fun! Sorry, Wayne, your picture is cute, but kind of overwhelming. Know that we think of you and Peeches often and that our thoughts and prayers are always with you. Love you guys and hopefully the special 100 is where you hope to be and that all the test results are right where they need to be! Phil and Linda

    • With the good results we got my days of sitting on my behind are over. We are anxious to hear your good news. Just think when you get back we can actually get together and see pictures of your latest addition.
      Give big loves to all,
      Wayne and Peeches

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