+ Day 99 – Pre-game work out

It’s just about “game day”, the magic “100th day”, the day that we see what is behind the door we picked.  But first, to prepare Wayne for the big day, he had to go through a post-transplant work-up.  He has had his heart and lung function tests, the results will be compared to his pre-transplant results to make sure there are no significant changes.  He had a dental exam, making sure his teeth don’t have damage as a result of the transplant treatment, these findings were also compared to his pre-transplant dental exam.  He had extensive lab testing, and last but not least, he needed to have another bone marrow biopsy.                                                                                                                           Wayne has had experience with bone marrow biopsies, in fact, enough experience that we scheduled with the person he thinks does the best bone biopsy. There truly is a big difference and because we are having this done at teaching hospital, this time he wanted the teacher not the student. In order to see how the transplant has grafted, you must go to the source, the bone marrow, the soft spongy tissue inside the bone where the 3 types of blood cell production (red blood cells, lymphocytes/WBC, and platelets) takes place.  Bone marrow is generally taken out of the bigger bones, this time around they obtained the sample by going into Wayne’s posterior superior iliac crest, the left pelvis, buttock area.  The area is numbed and then with a rather large needle, that is really a nail (see below) they push and push until the needle punches a hole into the bone. Yes, you do hear a “pop” noise when the needle punches through. Several samples of the liquid marrow are withdrawn, this is the part that bothers Wayne the most, he can feel it all the way to his toes, and then they take a piece of the spongy part of the bone. Once done, they put a bandage on it and for the next 2 days he has a real pain in his ….behind.   Of course, we have to wait for 8 days to get the results, OF COURSE!!

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  1. Hi Wayne and Peeches – I continue to pray for you both and am looking forward to a very successful 100 day result – even if we have to wait 8 days for the results. Peeches, I can’t tell you how much I admire you not only for your excellent care of Wayne, but also keeping up this blog. I find such comfort in reading it and keeping up with Wayne’s progress – even with the set-backs. You are an amazing woman and wife and I know for certain that Wayne would not be as well as he is without your constant support (or nagging, as required), cooking, optimism, and humor. Please let us know his results as soon as you get them. Tell Wayne to keep up the good work or I will have to join in on the nagging – I’m pretty good at it myself! My love to you both and I have really missed you. Looking forward to the day that we can get together – soon! Renee

    • Renee,

      Wow, wow, thank you for your generous compliments, I am humbled. Great news! Now we can finally plan a get together. We can hardly wait to get caught up. I have let him know that if things don’t improve, I will be calling you in as reinforcement.
      Excited to see you,
      Wayne and Peeches

  2. I hate to be a copy cat but Renee said it best. Every word she wrote are our sentiments exactly. Thinking about you every single day. God bless you both!
    J & L

    • You are so kind. Wayne thinks of Linda’s resilience and is always inspired. And considers himself lucky to have your friendship in his life.

  3. Wayne & Peeches

    Both of you are always on our minds and we look forward to a great 100 day report ! ! ! It appears things are headed in the right direction but I guess this will be the defining moment. Granted, there have been setbacks but this is Wayne we are talking about and man you are so resilient that I know you will pass the test. As far as that procedure, what a pain in the a_ _ (both literally and figuratively). Peeches, thanks for all the updates and watching after Wayne, you are awesome.

    Bill & Pauline

    • Bill and Pauline,

      Looks like he still has it, resilience that is. Now if he can quit being a pain in the a—-we can finally plan some fun.

      Wayne and Peeches

  4. “Wayne and Peeches”; “Peeches and Wayne”, what a team you are! I am not sure I will ever be able to say one of your names without automatically saying the others. Your journey together during this difficult and trying season of life has touched and blessed more people than you can imagine. Your story has been shared with many that you do not know, as friends and family requested prayers and shared your excellent example of what love, devotion and wedding vows really mean.
    As you receive the results, our prayer is that God showers you with His love and peace. We look forward in confidence that the results will be positive and Wayne’s health and strength will continue to improve rapidly.
    All our love,
    The Truman’s

    • Your confidence paid off, along with your prayers. You will never know how much they mean to us. We have been blessed to have so many pulling for us. We are especially grateful for the friendship the Trumans’ have given us, indeed we are fortunate. Your kind words are humbling. It is interesting that after all these years, Craig and Lisa/Lisa and Craig or Chris and Kathy/ Kathy and Chris even though there are 2 names it is one entity.
      With much love,
      Wayne and Peeches

  5. Let’s hope all comes back good. I don’t have personal experience in what Wayne is going through but I can empathize. Good luck Wayne.

  6. Wait, no one said 108 days! Ok Wayne and Peeches, we will wait with you and all the many others blessed to be your friends. That will just make the celebration you both have earned through your courage and devotion all the more joyous.
    Oh, please, no more pictures with tape measures and instruments. Save that tape measure for Wayne’s future biceps, and his ass.
    Love you guys.
    Chris and Kathy

    • Let me tell you – I have a lot of complaints about the things they don’t tell you. I wonder if they think no one would be fool enough to do it if they told you everything. Don’t worry, there will not be pictures of his behind – he doesn’t have one. However, he is going to work on getting one so we can sit around and enjoy your visit this summer.
      We are going to love seeing you guys, not long now.
      Wayne and Peeches

  7. 100 days! We think of you two everyday and wait patiencely for your test results. You both are in our prayers and we admire your strength thru these last 100 days.
    Can’t wait to hear the good news in 8 days.

    • Those wishes may have done the trick. Thanks so much! We will have to get together soon, I am sure he has some good stories, if he can remember them.

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