+ Day 91 “Three times the Charm”

The more the better.  In Wayne’s case three is great.  Trilineage cell lines that is.  As you know, Wayne has his blood drawn frequently. The various components of blood are produced from 3 different cell lines, each cell line is referred to as a “lineage” The three cells lineages are:

Below is the diagram displaying all 3 cell lines showing that Wayne has ..drum roll here                             ta-dah…”TRILINEAGE ENGRAFTMENT

7 thoughts on “+ Day 91 “Three times the Charm”

  1. Wayne and Peeches,

    The holidays are when we traditionally reflect on friends, family and all the things we have to be thankful for. I am very thankful to have gotten to know the two of you and reflect back on fun times like our trip to Napa. SO GET WELL SOON AND LET’S START PLANNING OUR NEXT TRIP BACK TO NAPA!!!!

    Best wishes to you and your family tomorrow on our day of Thanksgiving.


    • We thank you and feel blessed to have you in our lives. We will be looking forward to a celebration together of life’s finest.

      May you be full this thanksgiving of family and love,
      Wayne and Peeches

  2. Great news! Peeches, thank you for keeping us all up to date. We send our love to all. We are so blessed to call you and Wayne our friends. Wayne, you and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as we approach day 100.
    The Truman’s

    • We are so grateful to have such good friends – we are so blessed, you are the best. We know that your powerful prayers make this possible. We are looking forward to spending good times with good friends, we hope soon. Hugs to all.
      May you be full this Thanksgiving of the real desserts in life- family, friends and good health.
      Bountiful blessings,
      Wayne and Peeches

  3. Ta-dah to you Wayne I would say we have recieved our Thanksgiving blessing early. We are so gald that this journey has progressed so well. Mom and I wish You,Peeches and your Family the very best Thanksgiving ever. Love Melanie

    • Just so you know Mel, we are still waiting until the time is right for the sweet pickle sandwich, it may be a while. Maybe when he is ready we can have a picnic. We wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving. You are the best. Love to all, Wayne and Peeches

  4. So glad to hear that things are looking so good. It’s been a long time coming. Wish you both a Happy Thanksgiving.

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