+Day 82 “Out on Good Behavior”

He has been released and is on home confinement. I (the parole officer) will be checking in with Wayne.  He will have random testing;  getting on scale to check his weight, and the ankle bracelet will tell me he is on the move.  Now, he must get to work, eating and exercising to prove he can stay out of the system (the hospital).  I (the parole officer) will be sweating, REALLY sweating, we keep the heat at 80 degrees. I don’t want him make the accusation that he was mistreated during his confinement.

6 thoughts on “+Day 82 “Out on Good Behavior”

  1. Wayne – Phil tells me you guys had a tough time the past couple of weeks. We’re sorry to hear that, but it wouldn’t be like you to do things the easy way. Unless you could get someone else to do it. We hope and pray going forward things will get better. I know you have always been kind of a slow starter, but as you adjust you tend to exceed expectations.

    Jerry & Julee

    • Jerry and Julee – you know he did get the donor to help in this, so he did manage to drag someone else with him. He never has been a loner. His plan has been to exceed expectations, which of course he really was doing, before the gallbladder attack. Maybe throwing the gallbladder in put him ahead, I mean anyone can have a BMT, but a BMT with a gallbladder surgery one ups it. And let’s not forget the best part, he has another story to tell – if he can remember it.

  2. Hi Yall:
    Praying for you both daily! The weather here in S Texas turned cool, wind blowing 18 knots, highs today only 62. yea I know, thats a heat wave for yall. But doggone it, we have thin blood down in these parts. its good to hear that the prisoner is doing better. I trust the parole officer has it totally under control. All our love and again all our prayers! Mary

    • Mary – Wayne would truly love to have your weather now. We have the heat turned up to 78 degrees, 10 degrees warmer than our normal. He is layer in sweaters, winter hats and blankets and I am wearing shorts and sweat. Motivation for me to put some meat on his bones.

  3. Wow Wayne you better not only be compliant with your parole officer but exceed all expectations to get a free pass! We continue to think, pray and trust that when day 100 surfaces these struggles and challenges will become fewer and fewer and you will return to your buff self!! Love, Chris and Kathy

    • Great advise, and just in case he forgets, which is highly likely – rest assured I will remind him. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to all the prayers, positive energy and love. We are counting our blessings and sending them back along with our love. Wayne and Peeches

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