+ Day 46 Taking it for the team

At every clinic appointment we get the big speech cautioning about infections and fungus (fungus and molds are not always easy to spot, so everything is suspect).  Let me tell you that what this does, it terrifies the cook!  Just imagine if I made something that really made him sick! This isn’t the “that stuff was so bad it makes you think you were sick,” this is the kind of really sick that a person ends up in the hospital and it could be life threatening.  No pressure –huh!  But some one must brave the lion, face the enemy, now I taste everything- multiple times, test run my recipes, I am in the Navy cooking for the Commander-in-Chief -our president, assuring the utmost security precautions.  All of this comes with a price, I am now wearing my “just-in-case” wardrobe, worrying that I may have to add additional pieces to it if this continues. Oh well, someone has to “take it for the team.”

4 thoughts on “+ Day 46 Taking it for the team

  1. Just checking on you. Sounds like your being well watched like a King. Hang in there both of you. Peeches your a great Commander-in-Chief. I’m sure he is thankful for you. Aunt Bobby says Hello.

    • Well I have gotten a bit behind, I am in the kitchen 24/7 trying to entice him to eat – every 2 hours!!!! I know you will appreciate the time it takes. Give everyone a big hug and love from both of us.

  2. Peeches, What a team player you are and always looking out for your playmate. You are amazing and have such a great way with words and a great sense of humor. Love you guys!!!


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