“Beet it buster”

To avoid a trip to the medical center some words of advice:                                         People who have low platelets (these are folks whose blood is slow to clot)                                             People diagnosed with a stomach ulcer                                                                         People whose guaiac results (stool sample test) may really be a false positive                     DON’T EAT BEETS!!!! – The things they forget to tell you.

4 thoughts on ““Beet it buster”

  1. Peeches,
    Your sense of humor is incredible!! For sure it is propelling Wayne in the direction of the 100 day celebration!! Hugs and prayer to and for both of you!!
    Love, Chris and Kathy

    • We really appreciate both. It won’t be long now. We received the picture of the newest addition to the family – what a cutie!
      Give all our love

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