+44 Day Wardrobes

We all have them.  Multiple wardrobes.  The winter wardrobe, the summer wardrobe, the dressy night out wardrobe, the vacation wardrobe and yes, the “just-in-case” wardrobe. This “just-in-case- wardrobe may be many things, but for many of us, this is the clothing we keep in the event that we gain back that weight we just lost, who knows it might just happen, right?  So “just-in-case” you keep those precious clothes. Wayne has always had his “just-in-case” wardrobe, but sadly it does not cover us in this event, weight loss of a more that one clothing size. If he doesn’t stop losing I will need to go shopping, hum… Worse yet, if he keeps losing and I keep gaining we will be able to share, I can roll the legs up and he can wear them as capris.

2 thoughts on “+44 Day Wardrobes

  1. I can so relate to the just in case clothes. i, in fact, have before baby 1, after baby 1, between baby 1 and 2 and after baby 2 clothes. still trying to get to before any babies. i know i am so funny for trying!! let me know what size box you need. i have them all

    • I vote for expanding the wardrobe to before baby 3. You and Corey have the formula, baby 1 and 2 are amazing, just think how great baby 3 would be.

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