+36 Day – Pass the salt please

What, you must be kidding!  We have never even had a saltshaker on the table.  But his electrolytes are still out of whack and he needs more salt.  Doctors advice: salt everything.  No more water or ice as it dilutes the sodium in his system.  So we are buying lemon-lime Gatorade by the case – it is the only flavor he likes.  And of course, salting everything!  For some of us eating this salty food results in fluid retention, not a great look and it can really  limit the cute shoes you can wear now that your feet are swelling.  Why don’t they just give him salt pills, they give him pills for everything else?

2 thoughts on “+36 Day – Pass the salt please

  1. I am not loving this extra salt but I am wondering if you have tried any of the flavored salts? And, if there are any that are good, can you share.

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