+ Day 25 – What’s for dinner?

I am going to be using my culinary wits to figure this one out.  We have to take into account the food restrictions for BMT,  the food restrictions for the medications he is taking, and then there are the foods he can not tolerate and last but not least, the fact that nothing tastes good.  Let’s see…no dairy (how does man live without cheese?) nothing spicy, no thin skinned fresh fruits or berries, no fish, no deli, no sausage, no nuts, no precut veggies or pre-packaged salad mixes, nothing from my garden that I pick, and no way can we implement our fall back plan when we don’t feel like cooking as restaurant or take out food is a definite no-no.  So what am I left with; boiled food, cooked to within an inch of it’s life.  Now I ask you “how am I supposed to fatten up my man.”

5 thoughts on “+ Day 25 – What’s for dinner?

  1. I’m challenged in the kitchen as it is… Good luck on all that meal preparation. Did you Google some ideas? If not, keep track of what you make and write your own cookbook to share with others! You are a great writer Peeches – your posts really help us all to understand and appreciate what Wayne & you are going through, and they are also so well-written. Keep up your good spirits & we’ll keep praying.

  2. Hey there glad Wayne is doing “well”. I run a restaurant and I make homemade soup. I would be thrilled to bring you both some. My dad went through this very thing and he came out on the other side, so I know Wayne will do well too. Let me know what kind of soup you would like (I know nothing taste good). My dad didn’t want anything he normally loved so that he would still love it when all this was over. We have everything from Chicken Noodle to Clam Chowder to chicken enchilada to Taco soup, Tomato Basil and Potato cheese. Please call me at 801-455-8723,I would be happy to help in some tiny way.. Jan and Bill Olpin.

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