+33 Day Drug Dealers

So why when they discharge you do they not give you the information about where the closest druggist is? !! Better yet “the open 24 hours drive through” pharmacists, the closest place to you that you can get drugs without having to leave your car. I mean with all this technology there should be an APP for that.  Of course I am hooked up with the man that delivers the “good stuff”, the IV fluids to the house.  I feel like I am in the movies when he shows up, I look all around to see if I am under surveillance.                                      Wayne is taking really high doses of the immune-suppression medication, which depletes electrolytes, so he has to go back on IV fluids.  A benefit of receiving the additional fluids is that he is at least getting some exercise, having to go to the bathroom all the time.  And then there are the constant additions to his medications for infection risk, gastric issues, and so on, so that now the daily pill count up to 43!  Of course he needs to drink a ton of fluid to get all the pills down, which then makes him have to use the bathroom which then increases his exercise. And why, why do they make the pills as big as a .22 caliber bullet?  By the time he gets done taking all his medications he refuses to eat anything.  Hum… perhaps I should hide them in his sweet potato.

10 thoughts on “+33 Day Drug Dealers

    • He is really happy to be home, although he is wondering how he can get out from under my thumb. Thanks for well wishes, he is certain they are the reason he has come home so soon.

  1. I love doing puzzles. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Had my flu shot on the 25th, so as soon as I am clean, I would be happy to spend some time helping Wayne with the project and giving you some time to do whatever. Been there. Love to both of you.


  2. Hey Wayne, Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough week. Although, it sounds like Peeches is taking great care of you.

    Wow, hard to think of you in long sleeves and pants to golf… Maybe you should call Brad Mayne to get some tips. We definitely need to get all of the guys out for a golf event next spring.

    I just got my flu shot yesterday, so I’ll be able to come see you and help out by mid-Oct. I hope things go better for you this week. I’ll give you a call soon.


  3. Wayne,

    Glad to hear your home and starting to feel a little better. After reading your latest blog now I know where to come for some really good drugs! You are so lucky to have nurse Peeches to love and take care of you. Hope everyday gets better and better for you. Take care and hope to see you soon. Sorry to hear about your uncles passing.


    • Don – maybe Wayne knew something we didn’t – perhaps the donor is female. He is looking forward to a time when you can both play a round. All the best, Peeches and Wayne

  4. Wayne, Peeches our morning basketball guys in Orlando Florida continue to lift up your healing in prayer. I am going to be in Salt Lake City the afternoon of October 10 and the morning of October 11. I would love to visit with you if it is possible.God Bless.

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