+32 Day – Sunday ride

I told Wayne we were going for a Sunday ride, the view will be spectacular, and once we stopped he could sit and relax, and if he were to get hungry (wouldn’t that be nice) he could get a bite to eat.  Well, it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you try to pitch the idea, some people just are not going to buy it and Wayne was not buying the Sunday outing.  He saw it for what it was – a trip to back up to Huntsman Hospital.  Saturday night Wayne had a low-grade temperature and did not feel very well.  I tried all the tricks I knew to keep the temp down and we made it through the night, but come morning he was feeling worse so we headed in. The big fear, “infection” was suspected.  I did not need the results from the 4 blood cultures, (3 from each of his central lines and 1 peripheral drawn from his arm) and the urine sample to suspect where the infection was.  Taking into account his symptoms figuring out his diagnosis wasn’t difficult: frequent urination,(which considering this is Wayne we are talking about, meant he was getting up every 10 minutes) urgency, urgency, urgency, pain upon urination, voiding (urinating) small amounts, etc.  So indeed it was a beautiful ride, the fall colors along the way were spectacular, he was able to sleep for several hours and he did have a little bite to eat, so why didn’t he want to go?  I guess he isn’t so sick that he can still tell a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

One thought on “+32 Day – Sunday ride

  1. Hello, Wayne & Peeches:
    Currently, Phil’s on the phone with you, Wayne, shouting about the game. Hope you’re up for his unbridled shouting. Glad you saw the fall colors.
    Miss you guys. –xo/w.

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