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When you finally get to see Wayne you might be tempted to say “Hey, just where have you been recovering at, the beach in California?”  Wayne has a tan and now his skin is peeling. The chemo and immune suppression drugs actually turn the skin brown and it looks like he has been in the sun.  And of course,  the steroid cream he has for the ES only dries out the skin even more. The peeling should stop soon, but the tan may be here to stay awhile.  I am not sure I like the look – especially when you combine it with the little bit of jaundice he is having.  I am really hoping he is not going for the George Hamilton look – Yuk!                                                                                                                                         A learning note:  A side effect transplant recipients develop is sun intolerance. They will always have to be extremely cautious when outside as a little sun goes a long, long way.  Minimizing exposure by wearing protective clothing will be important.  Can you imagine Wayne on the golf course with long pants and long sleeve shirt? I can hear the complaints now.  Wow, it may be a good idea to produce a sunscreen for persons who have had a transplant, especially as they have increased sensitivity to the chemicals in the sunscreen.  And how about clothing for the transplant population, think of all those who hail from the south with that humidity.  “What the best dressed transplant patient is wearing for the season,” might just be a real money maker.

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