+26 Day Pill Box

You gotta’ see it to believe it.  These are Wayne’s pills. 

He takes a total of 33 pills in a 24 hour period.  He takes a steroid and no it has not given him super strength. He takes a water pill, he still has fluid that he needs to get rid of in spite of having lost 44 pounds of fluid by the time of discharge. He takes an antifungal, an antiviral and antibiotic to ward off infections.  He takes medication to control nausea – all those meds would make anyone sick. He takes medication to control gastric secretions.  He takes medication for the neuropathy pain he developed from taking the chemotherapy. He takes a pill to protect and ward off kidney and liver damage – you know all those meds are hard on the liver and kidneys!  He takes immunosuppressive medication (12 of these pills a day) and so it is no surprise he needs IV magnesium to replace the magnesium lost from taking the immunosuppressive medication.  Is it any wonder he isn’t hungry!

This is Wayne’s pill box.  I feel like nurse Mildred Ratched, you may remember her from One Flew Over the  Cuckoo’s Nest .  The box is almost the size of an 8x11inch sheet of paper.

2 thoughts on “+26 Day Pill Box

  1. Ah, but such a small price to pay in order to have Wayne home and doing so well. I am so happy to hear that his progress is way ahead of schedule and that he is now home. I’m sure he exhibited some of his charm to assist with his early departure – LOL. Anyway, it is so great to hear all of the good news. And Peeches, you deserve an award for the fabulous blog. It has been so helpful to not only keep up on Wayne’s progress, but to learn all about the process in both medical and English language – you are awesome! Will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

  2. Thank you Renee for those kind words. I do apologize for getting behind, with Uncle Gene’s death I was really over-extended. We are trying to keep our heads above water. Hope to see you soon, love Peeches

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