+30 Day – Taps

A personal note:

We say farewell to Uncle Gene who passed away Tuesday night, September 18th.  As many of you know, along with Wayne’s sister Shauna, we have been caring for uncle Gene.  I am replacing my weekly trips with Gene to the doctor for trips with Wayne to the doctor. We contracted with an absolutely tremendous hospice nurse, Frankie, the week Wayne went into the hospital.  We cannot thank her enough, along with the amazing staff at Sunrise, for keeping us constantly informed of his situation, enabling us to plan our family schedule so we were able to stay with him until the end. Wayne worried that the timing of his situation and Gene’s would conflict, but found peace knowing that for Gene, being buried on his mother’s birthday would be just what Gene would have wanted. Wayne was not able to go to the service  but was able to have a private viewing before.  We have the memories of Sunday dinners, family events and for Wayne, lots of movies, ice cream, lagoon, pizza and of course arguments about the stock market to remember him by. He certainly did it “his way” and we will miss him.

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