Can you believe, it no one is wearing red!  I mean we are in the mecca of UTE country, don;t you think that everyone should be wearing some red!!!! Red scrubs, a red tie, a red necklace something!  At least there is one.  Sadly his vision is still blurry so he can’t check out the attendance with his binoculars.   And now , even worse, they don’t know if they can even get the game on TV.  Good thing he is down and out or otherwise I am afraid he would be having words with the administration.  Maybe I had better leave sleeping dogs or (sleeping Wayne) alone.

Yippee!!! we are in business now manually enter channel 64 and we will be able to watch the game – or at least I will.  I didn’t get dressed in red and white for nothing.

21 thoughts on “GO UTES!!!!

  1. Keep smiling – you may not be able to see – but your smile speaks for itself!! We can not wait to see you and make honest comments in person – love the tablecloth shirt – looks like it belongs in Chris’ closet!! Oh….maybe it did~~along with the raincoat!!

    • I can’t believe you could recognize Chris’s shirt, we knew Wayne would be throwing up and didn’t want to ruin anything of value. But don’t you worry….as soon as he gets home I will keep it safe until we can give it to you in person.

      Right now Wayne is not in the game but I love your messages. And since Wayne can’t see what I am writing…. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

      Love and waiting for news from new grandparents.
      P & W

  2. Love you guys! KEEP THE FIGHT, WAYNE – You are a winner!! We promise the Novenas and prayers, you promise the courage and determination!!! Thanks so much for the updates, Peeches! Not a day goes by that we are not rallying for you~ You will win!! xoxo

  3. Hi Wayne,
    What a great picture! You are truly a fan! I’ll pass along the suggestion for the red scrubs….we actually have a couple of doctors in our area that wear them on game days. They look a little “dorky”, but most fans do…haha!!! Nick went to the game without me since I was on-call…I know, lame excuse but I’m sticking with it.
    On a more serious note, I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are…your courage and strength are inspiring. Just seeing that smile on your face, after all that you have been through, is remarkable. Certainly the love of your family and friends and the multitude of prayers from so many people will give you strength as you “rebuild” your life.
    Speaking of new life, by my calculations you are officially another year older tomorrow (8/31). Since I stay up later than most “old people” I am hoping that I’m the first to wish you “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that you find a way to make the day special….is champagne on the hospital diet??? Peeches, it’s your duty to give a hug and kiss from me to the birthday boy.
    My love, prayers and best wishes,
    PS Nick says “Happy Birthday” too, but he’s already in bed, snoring loudly. Oh, I forgot…he doesn’t snore…never mind.

    • We are not surprised you were not at the game. We were looking for you through the binoculars we keep on hand and did not see you anywhere. I can’t imagine getting called in on a game day – you must actually have to be up here in order to make it within your time expectancy.
      Indeed Lynn , you were the first to officially wish him happy birthday. Sadly, how little they know up here. Doesn’t everyone know that champagne served IV is so uncouth! Actually I think he is looking forward to the next years birthdays, but this one will certainly be one of the more memorable. For his next birthday we will plan a big party for all his friends that have helped him during this process, I may have to rent the CRE parking lots. Your love and prayers are truly appreciated, it is really the best medicine.
      We’ll be looking for you in your red scrubs. Lots of love,
      Peeches and Wayne

  4. The tailgating party before the game was not the same without you and we missed seeing you there! However, it looks like you were having a bit of a party in your room! Keep smiling knowing we are cheering for you…..and the Utes!

    • I think we could hear the cheers up here. Thanks a bunch. Well he can’t see great but he could see the CRE banner/truck that they showed on the sidelines and he was sooo proud.

  5. The Utes looked great last night! Now make sure to wear your red again on Saturday for the other Big Red game :)! We need all the help we can get.

    Wayne – Your postiive, can-do attitude is a witness and inspiration for many! Thank you for that.

    Rest assured that the O’Gara clan continues to pray for you and your family.

    Many blessings, Chris/Christy/and Crew

    • I will wear red for Wayne – today he is wearing “chic hospital attire”. Can you believe an untapped market – Designer Hospital Gowns.

      Peeches and Wayne

  6. Hi Wayne

    Happy birthday old buddy (and I mean that in the nicest of ways ! ! !) Remember, you will always be 4 days older than me, we have lots of fun playing on that little factoid ! ! !

    I know this year we can’t celebrate too well but just wait for next year . . . they won’t know what hit ’em ! ! ! As always, you are constantly in our thoughts and our family wishes you the speediest of recoveries.


  7. I’m so gald you are doing so well and we can see you and your progress. My printer has been on over time so that I can show your Aunt Bobbie. She will be so happy for you. We hope to see you soon.

  8. Wow! You are really looking great. Glad to see that big smile on your face. Peeches, you have been amazing with all your updates and keeping everyone informed on Wayne’s progress. Would love to come up to see Wayne. Let me know if this would be ok. Love and prayers to both.

    • He does look great, but for my eyes only for awhile. We will definitely be in touch. Thanks so much for the love and prayers – we are so lucky to have you in our lives.

      Wayne and Peeches

  9. The smile is there because of all his wonderful friends. Wayne has not been up to getting out and doing laps but believe me we will be in touch when the time comes.
    Keep the prayers coming – they make it possible to smile

    Love you,
    P & W

  10. Today is your anniversary. You get to spend it alone with your bride. You know how we feel about you so no need to go on. What I am waiting for is the”story”. I know there is one we can’t wait for you to tell it. The way your forehead raises when you tell it is priceless. Sorry Wayne Sr. This will top the “stick”. Love both of you. Danny.

    • How could anyone resist falling in love with Wayne – he just makes you laugh. I am sure there will lots of stories – I just hope he can remember them. Lots of love and I hope laughs.

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