Drugs are bad for you (duhhh) – Day +4

What a delight and a treat – Wayne was sitting up ready to try to eat something besides an orange popsicle.  How can this be after the last few days.  Drugs!!    Wayne is a slow metabolizer, this is no great surprise, so they have had to hold off on the immune suppression drugs to get the levels in his system down.  What this means is Wayne does not feel nearly as nauseated, dizzy, and crappy as he has been for the last couple of days.  His WBC count is still there so he can still eat a regular diet. We will take these good days because sadly,  the worse is yet to be, but for now “Carpe Diem”

18 thoughts on “Drugs are bad for you (duhhh) – Day +4

  1. Wayne has had a profound influence on those in a similar circumstance to his. He allowed ARUP (even though he wanted to remain for the most part anonymous) to hold a blood drive at C.R. England’s main campus this past Friday 8/24. ARUP’s blood goes to help many needing this life saving product at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Primary Medical Center and other facilities.Many calls were received from those wanting to give and those who voiced their support even though they were unable to donate because of recent travel or health issues. Sixty eight registered to donate. These wonderful people did so with love and compassion for those that will be recipitents of their generous donations.

    Thanks to the England family, especially to Dean England, Dustin England and Dave Allred who helped to make this drive come to fruition. This drive also allowed us to become closer as peers. England employees are the best and rally together in times of need! The phone calls, e-mails and texts continue to come in inquiring where folks can give who were not able to make a donation on Friday.

    A special thanks to the Cederholm’s close friends Phil Gibbons Sr. & Jr. for attending the drive during a very busy day for them.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. We look forward to the day you return.

  2. Wayne,
    Glad to here you had a better day today. You are in my prayers daily, keep up the good wrok!! Let me know if you guys need anything.

  3. Nothing like having a stash of dr. Feel good on ice juxt in case. Don’t miz zima with this. Taking it xtraight is good. Work hard wayne as we have many more adventures ahead of us.we need new ones to talk about. The old ones are falling on deaf ears. Love and prayers from all of us. Love ya!!!!!

    • Critt, Letting you know your favorite movie theater will be out for a bit – it might be a little too risky. We have thought all summer about our great visit and we are making it a priority to spend lots of time together making new memories -Love W & P

  4. Hi Wayne. Just wanted to let you know that I just returned from taking Emily to college in Portland. We drove last week and I am happy to report that we passed many C.R. England trucks and that all were courteous and driving safely. I always think of you whenever I see one of your trucks and I always think of the day that a driver from another trucking firm opened his door while driving 65 miles per hour to yell at Emily when she was learning to drive. Thinking of you and am glad to see all of the updates on your progress. Keep up the good work! And BTW – I love that Lazy Day song – I have it on my ipod!

    • We will be in touch. Given your “little mishap” we are sure you have lots of good advise and we will be taking you up on your offer. P & W

  5. This is crazy science! Wayne, you do your thing and get better. Peeches, thanks so much for your updates and “teaching” us the science behind what Wayne is going through. He is in good hands.

  6. Wayne, great to hear how well you are doing. We are going to be at Hunsman’s tomorrow, Tuesday, August 28th for Linda’s CT scan results. If it is at all possible we would love to come by and see you for a few minutes.

  7. Hi Wayne,
    Just wanted to say hello and send a big huge HUG! We are thinking about you and saying lots of prayers for you. My mom and Nick give us the daily update. I hope that I can see you soon. I love reading the blog and getting the updates–Thanks, Peeches!

    Lots of LOVE!
    Kelli, Peter, Charlie and Ryan

    • We felt that hug all the way up here – thanks. We have been thinking of the kids first day of school – they are getting big too fast. Lots of love P & W

  8. Wayne … so glad and proud for you and your family that you are doing so well. The blog and everything Peeches has put into it is everything from informative, to heart-warming, to amazing. Knowing there are so many friends, families and colleagues that care so much about you surely has to be a big boost for your spirits! Keep on that road to recovery! And Peeches … keep those wonderful blog postings going … you are great.

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