+Day 6 – The Double-Edged Sword

They are gone – Wayne’s old WBC’s are finally gone.  So how can that be so bad?  Well, having some white blood cells hanging around is the reason Wayne has felt as good as he has. (He may have a much different opinion, but for now, because of all the fluids he has received he can not read anything, I take liberties.  You will know when he is able to read himself, I am sure he will correct me.) Now the bad old WBC’s are gone, but they did not go easy.  They left behind havoc.  Thus, the dreaded double-edged sword.   Without WBC’s there is nothing to stop the natural bacteria in or on a persons body from causing all kinds of trouble.  Today the trouble takes the form of stomach pains, nausea, cramping, fatigue, fever, chills, diarrhea, inability to eat.  He is now receiving medications for the gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, pain meds, meds to treat the fever, oxygen, meds to stabilize his vital signs, etc, etc, etc.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  This is not for the faint hearted.

24 thoughts on “+Day 6 – The Double-Edged Sword

    • Thanks- it is the love and support from his friends that makes this worthwhile. I think right about now he might take you up on the literally and pull him out of this one. You guys are the best!

  1. Hang in there, Wayne. We are praying for you and hoping that treatment goes well. You are missed here at the office, meetings just aren’t as good without the Godfather there. Stay strong and keep fighting!

  2. Wayne and Peeches,

    We are with you in spirit!!! We know both of you are strong and will see this through together.

    • Less than a year ago, can you even believe it. That could be a good thing, it means this will be behind him before he knows it.

  3. Wayne, sounds like you are off to a great start. This roller coaster ride won’t stop where it started and will end with healthy years ahead. Peaches, thank you for this ability to communicate. This means so much to us so far away.
    I’ve been buying drinks for those I see that are of European decent between the ages of 18 and 44. It’s getting expensive!!!!!

    • Not sure you received a reply but….

      Of course we are not surprised you didn’t hear the big news story. The US Census reported that there are no 18-44 persons of European decent living in the state of Maryland. Whew, this was good news for Charlie – his card still hasn’t hit the limit. So you can hold on to that $2.00 you have had since you came this summer and buy us a round next summer.

  4. Wayne and Peeches hang in there, you guys are strong and will win this fight. Things will get better soon. You are both in my prayers everyday.

  5. Wayne and Peeches,
    Sounds like tough going right now. We love you guys and know how tough you are. Difficult times won’t last. Better times will come. You will prevale.
    When you are through with this mess we want to show you some old buildings with bullet holes in them.
    Gordon & Jackie

    • Believe me Gordon – he feels like he was there when the buildings got those bullet holes. It’s a good thing he can’t figure out how to get out of there or he would be long gone.
      Our love,
      Wayne and Peeches

  6. Special prayers were offered at mass this morning
    for Wayne. Good people suffer and Wayne will come through this. If you want for Wayne to receive communion Father Kim can be reached at
    U OF U Catholic center. Peeches you are doing a great job with this blog!

  7. Wayne we are think of you and Peeches every day. Our prayers and our thoughts are with you two and your family each and every day.
    The Utah game is tonight, you’ll be missed. Keep up the good fight, we know you are on the road to recovery.
    Mark and Jacque

    • Fellow Ute fans,

      The first game – WOW! Sadly, the view from these “seats” stinks. Cheer loud for us. Mark, I know you will miss me looking for Wayne3 on the sidelines This time my Wayne is right where I can see him on the sideline.

      Cheer for us,
      Peeches and Wayne

  8. Wayne,

    Keep fighting. Your missed and we are praying for your recovery. We are heading for St. George this weekend, we’ll drink a get well toast for you, wish you where here too clink glasses with.

    Peeches hang in there. We are here for you.

    Mark and Jacque

    • Jacque and Mark,

      We are soooo jealous. Top of our list once this is behind us – to enjoy friends, fun and St. George together. My big concern – do you think we might see an improvement my partners ability to SEE a Sequence.

      Drive safe, and have fun. Lots of love,
      Peeches and Wayne

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